Andrew Wilcox Lead software architect. Purveyor of all kinds of Apple trivia.

Hello. I'm Andrew, and I write the software that makes the whole world sing. Well, not really... But here at Wilcox Technologies, I write a lot of the code that goes in to the software that you love to use. I've been programming since the 1990s, starting with BASIC on my grandfather's PC Compatible (an Intel 8088). In my spare time (read: in-between the code sprints I love to take), I enjoy playing the piano and playing games on my Macs.

Tambra Wilcox Financial and marketing. Visionary specialist and product champion.

Hello, I'm Tambra. I market Wilcox Technologies, specialising in social media and writing press releases. I develop the visions for our products and assist in determining user stories. When there are issues with product development, I assist with finding solutions. In my spare time, I am also an artist.

Horst Burkhardt Systems administrator. Designer of awesomeness.

Hi there. I'm Horst, and I've been dorking around with computers since 1996, starting on an Apple //e and a Performa 5260CD. I specialise in UNIX Systems Administration and Information Security, but also have been known to wet my feet in Interface Design. I also run a small retrocomputing lab, and have been known to do some pretty insane things with electronics. Working with Wilcox Technologies, I live to bring you the highest quality software, and the fewest possible headaches.